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Officially Go Beyond: Mandiri Capital Indonesia Wraps Up Successful Money 20/20 Asia with Xponent Program

Mandiri Capital Indonesia (MCI), the venture capital arm of Bank Mandiri, concluded its participation at Money 20/20 Asia in Bangkok with a resounding success.

The event served as a pivotal platform for showcasing MCI's commitment to fostering Indonesia's financial sector and its international presence through its Xponent program.

MCI's Xponent Program: Bridging the Gap

MCI's Xponent program took center stage by creating valuable connections between innovative startups and tech companies with the extensive network of Mandiri Group's business units.

Its participation at Money 20/20 Asia in Bangkok, serves a two-fold purpose: first, to bridge the gap between tech companies and Mandiri’s business units, and second, to equip startups with valuable financial tools and insights that propel their growth.

This year's program features established MCI portfolio players like Mekari, Ayoconnect, and KoinWorks. Their presence not only fosters discussions but also generates new collaborative opportunities, sparking the exchange of knowledge and experience.

Xponent Activities: Igniting Partnerships

The Xponent program at Money 20/20 Asia offered a packed agenda designed to maximize interaction and ignite potential partnerships.

Key activities include:

  •       Interactive Discussions: Leading figures from MCI's portfolio companies take center stage in interactive discussions. These sessions provide valuable insights into current fintech trends and shed light on the future landscape of the industry.
  •       Business Matchmaking Sessions: Tailored to facilitate connections and spark collaboration, these sessions connect startups with Mandiri's vast business network. This direct interaction allows for a deeper exploration of potential partnerships and the integration of new technologies into established financial systems.
  •       Speed Dating Sessions: Designed for quick connections and highlighting emerging business ideas, these sessions provide startups with a dynamic platform to pitch their innovations to potential partners and investors. The fast-paced format fosters a vibrant exchange of ideas and allows startups to make a lasting impression on key decision-makers.

The combined force of these [events] aimed to cultivate meaningful partnerships that could significantly influence participants' growth trajectories and strategic directions.


Business Matchmaking: When Company Meets Their Match

Mandiri Group actively participates in Xponent, with key business units like [names to be announced], playing a crucial role in discussions and matchmaking sessions. Their presence ensures a well-rounded exploration of potential collaborations and fosters a deeper understanding of the needs and opportunities within the Mandiri Group ecosystem.

By connecting promising startups with established corporate entities and investors, Xponent sets the stage for a wave of innovation that could redefine financial services across Asia and beyond. This collaborative spirit fosters the development of cutting-edge solutions that address the evolving needs of the financial landscape.

MCI's participation in Money 20/20 Asia with the Xponent program underscores the critical role of collaboration in driving fintech innovation. As different stakeholders come together, a synergy emerges, leading to the creation of a more robust and inclusive financial future.

Through initiatives like Xponent, MCI goes beyond simply participating in the industry; it actively works to strengthen and redefine the future of fintech. Fostering collaboration between startups, established businesses, and investors, Xponent paves the way for a more interconnected and innovative tomorrow, benefiting both established players and new ventures alike.

For more information on the Xponent program and future events, please visit the Mandiri Capital Indonesia website.

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