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Connecting Continents: MCI's Xponent Program at Money 20/20 Asia

Mandiri Capital Indonesia (MCI), the venture capital arm of Bank Mandiri, is taking its matchmaking program Xponent global. Debuting at Money 20/20 Asia in Bangkok, Xponent connects startups and tech companies with Mandiri Group's business units. This fosters collaboration and fuels growth within the fintech ecosystem.

Now in its fourth edition, Xponent leverages Money 20/20 Asia's startup ecosystem to expand its reach across the Asian financial landscape. 

The program has two main goals: first, to bridge the gap between startups and Mandiri's business units, and second, to provide startups with valuable financial tools and insights. Established MCI portfolio players like Mekari, Ayoconnect, and KoinWorks will also participate, generating discussions that spark new collaborative opportunities.,

Mandiri Capital Indonesia invests in and nurtures promising startups, particularly those focused on financial technology (fintech) innovation. Boasting a portfolio of 22 investments across 15+ sectors, Mandiri Capital Indonesia supports Indonesia's financial sector and its international presence.


Xponent Activities at Money 20/20 Asia

The agenda for Xponent at Money 20/20 is packed with activities tailored to maximize interaction and partnership opportunities. These include:

  •       Interactive Discussions: Leading figures from MCI's portfolio, such as Ayoconnect, and KoinWorks, will provide insights into current fintech trends and the future landscape of the industry.
  •       Sesi Matchmaking Bisnis: Sesi ini akan memfasilitasi penemuan potensi kolaborasi antara startup dan jaringan bisnis Mandiri yang luas, meningkatkan integrasi teknologi baru ke dalam sistem keuangan eksisting.
  •       Speed Dating Sessions: Offering startups opportunities to pitch their innovations to potential partners and investors, these sessions are designed to foster quick connections and highlight emerging business ideas.

These activities are expected to lead to meaningful partnerships that could significantly influence participants' growth trajectories and strategic directions.

Ronald Simorangkir, Chief Executive Officer of Mandiri Capital Indonesia, echoed this sentiment, stating,

"We are thrilled to connect with innovative minds and forward-thinking companies overseas. As we extend our reach beyond borders, the essence of Xponent lies not merely in the events we host or the deals we forge, but in the enduring partnerships and mutual growth we cultivate." 

Participated Business Units from Mandiri Group

Several key business units from Mandiri Group will be attending Money 20/20 Asia to explore potential collaborations and integrations with innovative startups.

The specific units attending are:

  • Enterprise Data & Analytics
  • Consumer Credit Risk & Analytics
  • CISO

These units are expected to play a crucial role in this year's discussions and matchmaking sessions.

By connecting promising startups with established corporate entities and investors, Xponent is setting the stage for a wave of innovation that could redefine financial services across Asia and beyond.

As MCI participates in Money 20/20 Asia with the Xponent program, it underscores the importance of collaboration in the fintech industry. Such partnerships are not merely beneficial; they are essential for the sustained growth and evolution of the financial sectors.

Through these initiatives, MCI is committed to not just participating in the industry but is actively working to strengthen and redefine its future, promising a more interconnected and innovative tomorrow for startups and established businesses alike.



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