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Alternative Dispute Resolution Agencies


All disputes can be solved outside of court through the Financial Services Sector Alternative Dispute Resolution Agency (LAPS).

LAPS was established in accordance with POJK No. 61/POJK.07/2020 concerning Alternative Dispute Resolution Institutions for the Financial Services Sector. LAPS was founded with the goal of providing impartial, fair, effective, and efficient dispute resolution services in the financial services sector that are easily accessible and trusted by customers of financial services companies.

LAPS (Lembaga Alternatif Penyelesaian Sengketa)

LAPS Services


Resolving disputes through a negotiation process between the Disputing Parties assisted by the LAPS mediator.


Settling civil disputes outside of general court based on written Arbitration Agreement by the parties assisted by LAPS arbitrator.

Binding Opinion

A settlement service for differences of opinion between Parties regarding an agreement through the provision of a Binding Opinion by LAPS.

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