Mandiri Capital Indonesia

Teddy Tee

[:en]MCI has helped to transform our startup (Cashlez) to be more structured company. The synergy with Bank Mandiri business units and subsidiaries also plays important role to boost the traction from the technology that we have built. (Teddy Tee Setiawan CEO & Co-founder Cashlez)MCI telah membantu mengubah startup kami Cashlez menjadi perusahaan yang lebih terstruktur. […]

Benedicto Haryono

[:en]Trust and investment from Mandiri Capital Indonesia is the foundation for KoinWorks to continue to grow and commit to making a greater contribution in supporting financial inclusion in Indonesia (Benedicto Haryono, CEO & Co-Founder KoinWorks)Kepercayaan dan investasi dari Mandiri Capital Indonesia merupakan pondasi bagi KoinWorks untuk terus berkembang dan berkomitmen untuk memberikan kontribusi yang lebih […]

Vira Widiyasari

[:en]We are very happy to collaborate with startups, especially with Privy who has helped us in digitizing the customer on boarding for applying Mandiri Credit Card. The development runs fast and very agile. (Vira Widiyasari Group Head of Credit Card Mandiri)Kami sangat senang berkolaborasi dengan startups, terutama dengan Privy yang telah membantu mendigitalisasi proses on […]

RA Wicaksana T. Rachman

[:en]Mandiri Incubator helps us in Halofina to grow by the all incubator programs designed such as mentorship, workshop, and networking, and also the development of synergy between Halofina and Mandiri Group. (Raden Adjie Wicaksana T. Rachman, CEO & Co-founder Halofina)Mandiri Inkubator membantu kami di halofina untuk berkembang dengan berbagai program seperti mentorship, workshop, dan networking. Salah […]