Mandiri Capital Indonesia

Dukungan Solid


We strategically provide solid supports across our entire portfolio and give them competitive edges.

  • Capital Investment
  • Know-how and Expertise
  • Network and Market Reach
  • Inclusive Incubator Program…

    Kami menyediakan dukungan solid di antara portfolio kami

    • Investasi kapital
    • Ahli-ahli yang berpengaruh
    • Jaringan dan jangkauan pasar
    • Program inkubator inklusif

Big Ideas, Outstanding Team


Starting a company is never easy. It is about making difficult decisions with imperfect information. In our experience, magic happens when fellow entrepreneurs come together to exchange ideas and experience. Through our substantial range of connec…

Starting a company can be challenging. Various decisions have to be made with such limited information. However, by bringing together experience and knowledge, we can manage to achieve further. Through MCI, we provide connections to exchange ideas, share knowledge, and support one another to achieve greater things.